Douglas Modig, Social Anthropologist, Therapist, Columnist, Writer, Hommentorp, Skåne, Sweden.
Chronicles and blogs addressing Social Anthropology, Psychology, Transcultural Psychsocial Science, Entertainment, Gossip, Politics, Literature, Music, Art and a multitude of subject matters, hopefully in a mixture of fun, scientific research and comments on contemporary life.



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They Shoot Horses, Don´They ?

As long as I was younger, healthier and more focused I could cope with working in emotionally deplorable conditions. As long as we drowned ourselves in work, we fled the frightening pauses or rests that forced us into merciless reflections on what we saw in front of our eyes: the devastating suffering and the limitless evil or idiocy which caused it and realized that our own lifestyle was one of the principle reasons.
No, not by living la vida loca in Bel Air but a ordinary white collar or blue collar lives in reasonable modesty and yet being a major contributor to the uneven distributation wealth globally or domestecically by shutting up while trying to live our unpetentious little lives and I guess have returned there.
By working hard we had no energy or even, as we saw it, any time to be philosophical slackers trying to find a meaning of the human misery and hardships we dealt with with jaws tightly shut and brains timed out.
In 1969, shortly before entering adult life, I saw a film by Sidney Pollack, starring a stunning Jane Fonda, depicting a struggle for life destined to fail. Old horses are being shot. What about people who do not fit in, never succeeds, face all thinkable, obstacles, insults and are being dispised or in one another ignored, be it in an impoversihed L.A. rundown area or the grotesque suburban Stalinistic overly organized ghettos of Stockholm ? The public sector hoovers in the back of all stages in your life from craddle to grave. It is regarded as welfarish and safe. It is. Love your public sector ! Your relatives are probably not around because of social and political "progress".
In Brazil, in Indonesia, in Guatemala and Honduras they do not shoot the horses. The shoot the street children. With great discipline...

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Graphic human misery in focus

In the late sixties a small province, Biafra, declared itself independent of Nigeria. The orgy of close up photos of the children dying of starvation and the panedemics drowned us in images of such horror that many Europeans lay sleepness at night. Not since the images of the nazi concentrations camps had whole nations been so shocked, horrified and upset.

The three year long civil war (1967-1970) offered no means or options to flee and seek asylum, first of all because no country was prepared, secondly because no country was legally obliged. The 1951 Refugee Geneva Convention offered protection to refugees driven into exile because of the repercussions of the second world war and the amendment, the 1967 Protocol, added to the Convention and which enfathomed any refugee qualifying for Asylum criteria, was still not implemented.

Anyway, the needy and most vulnerable then, as still today, were in a far to weak condition to flee anywhere, little less having any finacial mean to be smuggeled to a potential host country.

The images of children dying in front of the cameralenses and broadcasted on global televized news was a new phenomenon because it was here and now and unedited. A heated discussion of where journalists, , news- and documentary crews should draw the lines in order not to violate the victims´integrity flared up and engaged the accademic elite in almost all subject fields with the philosopher Bertrand Russel being at focus of the turmoil.

To show in order to inform and make known or to avoid in order to respect the dying, the humiliated, the abused and the maimed ?

The question about making a living on other people´s utter...

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SUPERVIGILENCE: Chronically Alarmed





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The stubborn Mother of God



Much has been said about her son, but, apart from the primarily teocratic and secular convinience of a growing santification of Mary closely related to the changing needs of the patriarchate, she remains an enigma.. This poorly educated rural woman of the backward insignificant village of Nazareth has made an astonishing journey from a carpenter´s wife to become the Mother of God and, in the last Vatican Concilium, given the...

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LOVE IS Corinthians 13







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