Douglas Modig, Social Anthropologist, Therapist, Columnist, Writer, Hommentorp, Skåne, Sweden.
Chronicles and blogs addressing Social Anthropology, Psychology, Transcultural Psychsocial Science, Entertainment, Gossip, Politics, Literature, Music, Art and a multitude of subject matters, hopefully in a mixture of fun, scientific research and comments on contemporary life.



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BE AN ASS AND BECOME RICH: Curse, Offend and Ridicule

Oh, yes, it´s the authentic Gordon Ramsey before make up and styling..






Insolence and Defamation as Entertainement

I´ll start with Ramsay. His f-word televisions series and Hell´s Kitchen are devious and, in my opinion, part of bigger problem: Insult as High Entertainement. We live in an era where people who act like ADHD personalities or Asperberge´s with a Tourette´s Syndrome in addition which allows them to catapult to the pinnacles of fame and fortune, to mingle with royalty and became distgustingly rich by offensive behavior.


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HE IS NEXT: Time to Deconstruct Beckham





Time to Deconstruct Beckham

Are there social laws corresponding to natural laws? I believe Levy-Strauss and others held that opinion but were dismissed by the natural scientists. I have touched upon the subject before.




There is a lot of money to be made when stardom starts to wane. Tom Cruise only recently had a narrow escape. The tabloids are scenting blood and have started a collective and profitable stampede to encourage David Beckham´s Fall From Grace. He has had more than the fifteen ...

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TOM CRUISE AND UPBRINGING: Time For A Parents´License?




Cruise and Upbringing

Do adults have the freedom to do as they please when it comes to bringing up a child? In Sweden, no. In the Land of the Free, not entirely. Only, so it seems, if you are an influential citizen or with mega star status. The legal framework guiding parenthood can be tampered with if you have the money to consult the shrewdest lawyers.

The secretive Scientology Church, founded by the science fiction writer Hubbard, is provoking. Why the secrecy? How does the church recruit proselytes ...

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WOMEN: More Empathetically Disposed ?





More empathetically disposed?

This is no scientific essay on women. Only my personal reflections on an issue that has been raised countless times. I have been asked if the woman differs from the man in terms of empathy, care, compassion and emotional intelligence during my whole professional life and I will simply tell what I have seen and what I have felt.

Women may be understood from many different philosophies and scientific schools. Or, at least, some efforts have been done...


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HIGG´S BOSON: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?







HIGG´S BOSON: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

The commotion caused by the recently discovered and assumed ”God´s Particle” (Leon Lederman: The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What is the Question? 1993) is global. The missing piece in the structure of mass to explain why mass is mass...


The elementary particle, boson, in mass which has occupied the ...

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