Man or Woman?

Maria Magdalena

There has been a heated discussion regarding the impact of Maria Magdalena in what became known as Christianity. I do not believe there was an contemporary word for the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, except for Nazarenes by Roman nomenclatura. Judaism was a multifacetted complex mixture of different sects with different names and dogma and did not exclusively consist of Jewish born adherants and had been so for centuries before the birth of Jesus. Jesus cofessed to Judaism although he, like many prophets or holy men, had been in constant squabbles of how the Torah should be understood or implemented.

Greek, as well as all Latin nouns, are genderbased or neutre. Calamities and hardships often are in feminine forms, (catastrophies, illnesses, poverty), whereas nouns with positive connotations mostly are masculine. An apostle (messanger) would be synonyme with a man based on the world order with stern restrictions of the female access to the exterior and to move freely or unaccopanied outside of the homestead.

The Greek word for apostle is a word in masculinum. This does not, as I understand it, mean that the followers were all men. It may even have been the reverse, although to rebel against the old order, to leave the homestead to follow a master and...

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