Douglas Modig, Social Anthropologist, Therapist, Columnist, Writer, Hommentorp, Skåne, Sweden.
Chronicles and blogs addressing Social Anthropology, Psychology, Transcultural Psychsocial Science, Entertainment, Gossip, Politics, Literature, Music, Art and a multitude of subject matters, hopefully in a mixture of fun, scientific research and comments on contemporary life.



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LOVE IS Corinthians 13







SEASONAL GREETINGS? Happy Christmas !!!


Happy Christmas !!!!

Somehow I feel a discomfort with the obvious fact that ”Happy Christmas” in American English is politically incorrect since long in official circumstances. In Swedish we will say ” God Jul”, which has no Christian connotation at all, so the problem is solved. Christianity has been under ferocious attack in Sweden (by our own intelligetia) for decades. Christianity is regarded as unhealthy and possibly dangerous superstition, being ”the opiate of the masses” (Karl Marx) in the most secular nation in the world.

Simultaneously the media and educative agents are ordering everybody to carefully study other religions, to enfathom other creeds with dignity and tolerance. Sweden, because of a long lasting generous refugee policy, and rightfully so, has a large population of Muslim refugee immigrants or of other creeds. ...

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