Oh, yes, it´s the authentic Gordon Ramsey before make up and styling..






Insolence and Defamation as Entertainement

I´ll start with Ramsay. His f-word televisions series and Hell´s Kitchen are devious and, in my opinion, part of bigger problem: Insult as High Entertainement. We live in an era where people who act like ADHD personalities or Asperberge´s with a Tourette´s Syndrome in addition which allows them to catapult to the pinnacles of fame and fortune, to mingle with royalty and became distgustingly rich by offensive behavior.

Defamation television has been en vogue for more than two decades, and, in Japan, far longer. In Europe the trend may have started with the Big Brother mayhem where, obviously, people with personal disorders, ranging from Border Line to Megalomania, were intentionally recurited to keep us mesmerized by the collapse of normal social interaction and with focus on promiscuity. We are not, like in series such as Coronation Street or Emmerdale Farm, attracted by everyday drama that we all may be familiar with and which we can relate to, thus the attraction, but gradually becoming desensitized when it comes to how far we tolerate abuse, defamation and verbal, if not physical, violence and loving it. That says a lot about our era. The unhappiness of others may always have been a consolation in the darkest corner of our inner self but now it is served on plate as the optimal form of entertainement.

Ramsay, is not just a stunt. He is seemingly an ass on and off screen. The famous Swedish chef, Marcus Samulesson, New York, adopted by his Swedish parents and born in Africa´s Horn, was called a fucking black bastard right in his face by the celebrated chef Ramsey and, ladies and gentlemen, that is not okey. To make a profitable career by shouting at the top of his lungs and to devour the less ”gifted” by crushing them and cursing makes me totally uninterested in his cooking skills. Yes, the contestors may have accpeted by their own choice to take part in his programe and knew what was coming. Does it make it more acceptable? The art of becoming a celebrity, more often than not, without any visible or audiable talents what so ever, is ruling. When children in Sweden were asked what they would like to do when adult, 65 % answered "famous". When asked because of what they had no answer. Not a rock musician. Not film star. Not an great athlete. Just famous. Like so many on the fronpages of the tabloids. I have no idea who they are. Must be my age.

The hideous facelifted elderly judge who trumpets out her contempt and being proud of it, the pathologically cheekboned Judge Judy, takes it further. Taking into regard that her shouting contests and power trips usually is a matter of an upaid rent or a cellphone destroyed, she makes a fortune of trivia by acting as the brain collapse she´s accuses everybody else of being struck with. She is no idiot. She is making a fortune of being insolent and, whether we believe it , or not, is making an impact on us all with regards to what we are ready to accept in terms of bullying and moralizing on a dictatorial level. If she is the US standard for court etiquette and the profession of judging when no jury is called for, then God save America because by Scandinavian standards the woman appears seriously deranged, intoxicated by greed and easy money and worse, she is an integral part of the massive impact of entertainement business, still enormously dominated by US productions.

America is and always has been so full of itself and it has a right to be. I will not argue with US citizens. They don´t like it..But why I have to pay a television license to be exposed to such crap depends on the Swedish television channels which is cheap, and I mean cheap in all senses, while excellent European productions, such as British and Italian drama, documentaries, Channel Arte, Danish top crime series or Norwegian excellent cinematic productions, are shown everywhere except for here, I don´t know.

Modern gladiators´spectacles are occupying the screen, be it physical or psychological, and I find it appalling. And, by the way, how come that the miniscule village of Midsumer, has had murder victims popping up for twenty years every week? Why do people not leave the place? One more panorama zoom of Manhattan to start an American ”show” and I will become sick. Are we addicted to repetition? Yes, I believe we are. In turbulent times, what is being presented is a world understood in either black or white and overly accentuated like the simplified and stereotyped message of an autocrat in a addition to familiar scenery for us to believe we are safe.. just like the bed time story we tell our children which will cause a havoc if we change a word or omit a line. Or? Why else do we allow this crap being thrown at us for decades without protesting?



Are you cooking according to Ramsey, Oliver and all the other hundreds of chefs onscreen? I do hope you all serve caramelized swallow toungues as the entrée, when enetertaining... If not, you defintively are culinary losers ! Are you doing perpetual makeovers of your living rooms, your self or are you one of those who hasen´t tried triathlon in Burkina Fasso yet? Shame on you ! Are you making an effort to make your dreams of a cottage in the British countryside for 5 million British pounds with twenty en suites come true? Never go for less, folks ! Half of the brits must have moved because the series never stops.



The message is loud and clear. You are not good enough !! If you obey the self proclaimed icons you will find earthly bliss and endless admiration. If you are too lazy or uninterested in the message you are the sole cause of all your misfortunes.


Be an ass, show some cojones and have fun at the expense of others on the way. You will either end up a multi millionaire or in a correction institution..


But then, it´s just me and I am getting to be a grumpy old man...