Cesar Millan: No Dog Whisperer ?

When this canine Guru appeared on the television screens a decade ago many of us were quite taken by his skills. Gradually, however, many of us, used to having a dog or two around, recognised that some of his miraculous techniques were literally but an illusion to a shocking degree.


We , on the other hand, should be clever enough to know that this is entertainement and not scientific docmentaries. American entertainement backs at nothing. The ridiculous Judge Judy screaming insults at the top of her lungs and earning millions  in her "court” wih non sensical ”trials" or the blatant absurdness of a Jerry Springer show proves that we should have become on guard regarding manipulated "reality" shows a long time ago.

Mr Miller´s advice to the dog owners, however, often make a lot of sense. What we are allowed to see, however, is when Mr Millan succeeds. The rest is deleted. Even Doctor Phil and previously Oprah Winfrey have had to edit their shows or they would appear human, making mistakes...

The reversed Victory sign, which seems instantly to stop a charging, unruly or aggressive dog, can only have an effect if the dog has experienced something frightening associated wth the sign.. Wild dogs do not keep order by using the infamous V, nor do the domesticated smaller packs of a few family pets..It is the old story of Pavlov´s dogs but exploited by the entertainement indistry in a disgraceful way.

I have heard numerous professional dog trainers giving evidence, that although it is forbidden by law, at least in Scandinavia, the V is the two forked electrical device which is being used to schock animals, whether in training or to make them move into a desired direction before slaughter, inter alia.

This common knowledge seems to escape the flabbergasted and adoring audiences watching the miracle worker in action. And it would be wrong to say that you cannot learn anything from the man.

If it isn´t Mr Milan himself who uses the electric device somebody did or the dogs would not respond.

Sad facts but nevertheless the truth.