Time to Deconstruct Beckham

Are there social laws corresponding to natural laws? I believe Levy-Strauss and others held that opinion but were dismissed by the natural scientists. I have touched upon the subject before.




There is a lot of money to be made when stardom starts to wane. Tom Cruise only recently had a narrow escape. The tabloids are scenting blood and have started a collective and profitable stampede to encourage David Beckham´s Fall From Grace. He has had more than the fifteen minutes of fame and that is unforgivable. He has not had the good sense to die young and tragically, the supreme tactic to become an immortal.

He threw a temper tantrum on the soccer arena two weeks ago. It got headlines on par with a military attack on Europe. Finally, the well behaved and gentle mannered lad showed his true personality...He has been a fake for two decades, he is probably not the father of his children and a secret closet queen which the gay oriented senastionalist media has been dreaming of for ages. Why on earth still be best friends with his childhood best friend ?? Must by something spooky, doesn´t it?

Beckham is excluded from the British team in the upcoming Olympics in London with reference to his bad behaviour at the incident mentioned above. Footballers are virtually unknown to lose their composure and temper tantrums are unheard of. Or?  The slap in the face to be rejected by his own and in his native country must be devastating. He does not deserve this. This is not a matter of sport tactics. When we eventually, if ever, find out what has been planned behind the curtains it most probably will be something ugly. Nobody in his right mind can describe David Beckham as a villain or a hooligan. And, yes, he is still one of the world´s foremost footballers.


Beckham is now joining the ranks of Maradona, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Valentino, Nureyev, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable and Björn Andresen, to mention a few. We get our share of comfort by his imminent defamation. We will happily contribute to fill the pockets of the media moguls and look for somebody new who appears flawless.

Becks has been severly attacked before. He was declared a national traitor when expelled from the field in the infamous world cup England- Argentina match in 1998 but made a come back with a vengeance.

This time Mr Beckham´s potential for a come back is miniscule. Beckham is too old and not even a megastar can stop the bodily repercussions of growing older.

To exclude him from the Olympic team is petty minded and ridiculous. He may not be the one who delivers the most but the potential of potentiating the team morale has been overlooked.

A waste. But, seemingly, a social law in progress,