HIGG´S BOSON: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

The commotion caused by the recently discovered and assumed ”God´s Particle” (Leon Lederman: The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What is the Question? 1993) is global. The missing piece in the structure of mass to explain why mass is mass...


The elementary particle, boson, in mass which has occupied the brains of the brainiest since the early 1960´s, has publically been declared to have been traced. And ”materialized"


And then what?


I am convinced that this may be one of the most important discoveries if it is proven to be accurate in my life time. It may open endless perspectives of understanding what mass is, how the universe we are aware of may have been built but not why we are here.


Even if a deer can be analyzed completely in terms of bodily tissues, how does Higg´s Boson explain fear, wrath, avoidence? Instinct? Is instict to be regarded as mass?


How come that mass in some constellations comes with emotions that are not functional? Grief, loss, depression or apathy?


How does the conception of a soul, which to a great degree is global, relate to mass?


How did the missing particle come to be? At all? Because it will define and explain the structure of materia...That is a circular argument.


I believe we are on our way to approach dimensions we not yet perceive. I am excited by the fact. But what about the Selfish Gene? It may be explained as a form of materia in the broadest sense, I suppose. But why does it exist? Why does mass need a Mother´s Little Helper in order to be?


I am confused..


How about you all ???

Douglas Modig

8 July 2012