In Sweden some 50 % of all marriages end up in divorce. Well, that seems to be the case in many other countries, so what´s the problem ?

Swedes do not remarry. Taking into regard that few people get married at all and the rate of solitary households in major cities and towns is sky rocketing. We may face a demographic profile speedily on it´s way to extinction.

The one child reform in China has caused a disaster which we seldom address: In the fertile population there are currently 25 % more men than women. Ever gave it a thought? Will the state promoted paternalism survive? Will the roosters not fight each other to death to get a hen? Or will we see a major change in reproductional patterns? Polygami, the other version. Big Mama and her four husbands?

In the absence of a rooster a mother hen is said to be able to turn male..Well, we are not quite there yet...Yes, it is only a matter of time. At least if we are to believe the scientists experiments on God knows what..

A well educated people is alarming to all poltical oligarchies no matter how much they confess to the contrary: people trained to express themselves and do their own research is a ticking bomb. The information hooplah becomes addictive and socializing something primarily taken care of in the artificial internet world. Child rearing, although thirty years of stern dogma, which has turned the swedish male as motherly as his woman, is no top priority. Career, in addition to celbrity status whether you do anything worth while, or not, come first. To each his own. It is a sad world. Despite extensive mother  a n d  father leave, paid for, people return to earn money to buy houses or apartments they cannot afford and which are owned by the banks but one just has to keep up appearances, musn´t one ?

The endless distractions offered by a stampeding media may even put a lid on a healthy love life. Which of course does little to promote  any offspring...When women generally are doing better at all levels education and otherwise and the gender differentiated salaries are becoming less insulting there is no reason to depend on somebody else. You´re doing just fine on your own. Solitary parent´s adoptions or inseminations are rapidly increasing.

Recent research shows clearly that the level of emotional frustration among Swedish women is sky rocketing at the age of >33plus. With the exception for the current baisse, most women are ready to compete for the top jobs at the same time as the biological clock is running amok.

The employers do not prioritize women who may indicate that reproduction is not totally out of the picture. This irritating fact will cost several a score but in the long run there will be no labour force to pick from unless somebody´s ready to take leave of their jobs. Somebody being the woman, of course...

In Sweden you may deliver your child in the arms of a benevolent public infant care with armies of well trained strangers at the tender age of eight months. With any luck you can go on careering and bond with your children every Sunday and during the obligatory six weeks holidays provided by law. The divorce rate after this bonding bliss is astonishing.

In addition we are, as above mentioned, guaranteed a long term mother´s and a father´s leave and while parenting your employer cannot sack you. That´s all fine and dandy. Do the fathers take leave? Not so much. They´re still the bread winners financially, so oops, we did it again, only more subtile and in good faith...

The xenophobia is growing in proportion to the numbers of refugees accepted and Sweden, to be just, is receiving more refugees in proportion to the natives than most countries in the world since decades. The influx from the far East and the Middle East world has resulted in a demographic growth which supercedes all expectations. We need a generation of healthy young people to take care of the increasingly older population, to finance themselves and the pensionists who live to their nineties or more and who have been ”non-productive” for thirty years when they turn in.

Since medical resarch allows myriads of people to live long after their natural expiry date we are facing a problem of elephantine proportions.

Do I sound arrogant and chauvinistic? If so, I have not suceeded to state my case.

Sweden is facing enormous ethical and moral challegences in the near future. The neglect and mal-treatment of the current elderly at retirement homes has come as a complete shock to a population trained for decades to fully rely on a public sector, little less than perfect. The debut of private enterprises in this sector made things even worse, contrary to popular neo liberal belief. The greed of the latter has made some decisionmakers very rich, run down the staff and left the elderly and their families in despair.

I don´t know if it´s still a man´s world. Looking into the future it does not seem to be anybody´s world.

Everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die...(popular lyrics by a Hip Hopper). That is where we are.