Levicticus 18, Old Testament

The Bibel´s paramount opinion on the subject of extra marital sexuality is negative, to say the least, and the practise regarded as an abomination to be punsihed with the capital punishment in the three Abrahamic religions. But for reasons of convenience most of us skip two or three verses and focus on the verse dealing with homosexuality. Adulterers, people who live in umarried promiscuity, people who are being unfaithfull or who satisfy themselves with their hands or in other forms are regarded with equal Divine wrath, something which to a large degree is being ignored by the clergy and the followers of the different religions, whereas female sexuality out of wedlock and homosexuality are regarded as either satanic diseases or sins against God.

”Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (Leviticus 18:22)

Sapphic love, however, is not mentioned because it is either unthinkable or intensly uninteresting since women are regarded as inferior to men. The global existence of a singular male with multiple female partners. whether in a clan organized Nomad or Transhumans culture or, in regal environments with imperial sovereigns sexually served by concubines or maitresses in harems or at court, the latter a forced surplus with status connotations, the previous a necessity because of the shortage of men lost in constant tribal or clan feuds.


It seems discgracefully convenient to the vast majority of us to skip Leviticus 18:20 stating

”Do not have sexual relations with your neighbor’s wife and defile yourself with her”

and to ignore further down

Do not defile yourself”.

The punishments are just as severe as if practising homosexuality and the patterns of behaviour equally abonimable in the eyes of the Old Testament God.

Does any priest, mullah or Rabbi condemn an infidel husband and call for the capital punishment? Women, who have gone astray, yes ! Heterosexual women with extramarital affairs or sexual relations before marriage may still be stoned or killed by her family or society at large with reference to honor. Men, homosexually active, after marriage, will be equally treated. Pre marital homosexuality is very common because of the strict gender differentitated societies but is not to be confused with homosexuality as understood in the Occident and tolerated in a majority of the world´s different cultures defined by strong social and religious gender differentiating.

Selective reading of the Bible is commonplace. The impact of a capital punishment of unfaithful and cheating spouses would literally reduce 50 % or more of the sexually active adult global population !!!

The Bible texts on Sodom and Gomorra do not focus on homosexuality solely but also on extralegal fornification, sexual vices and promiscuity in general. Since the latter practise, heterosexual infidelity, is far more common than homosexual in numeric proportions, we ignore it because maybe we have all been there or at least thought about it which is, according to the Bible, just as bad.

For all gaybashers and the responsibles of hatecrimes there´s a whole new world out there to kill or maime, namely the majority of the global adult population which have pre marital sexual relations, who marry, divorce and find new partners through out life, if you are a keen follower of the Old Testament and the apostle Paulus who, as far as I know, is the most severe homophobe and a foe of sexuality in general .in the New Testament.

I cannot remember Jesus of Nazareth addressing homosexuality at all. He repeatedly ran to the defence of fallen women by stating firmly " Cast the first stone..." and other sayings. He socialized with prostitutes, victims of leprosy, the dispiced and the marginalized. He lashes, however, out at Seducers or Seductresses of children or the most vulnerable and tells us: " May a millstone be hanged around their necks and may they be thrown into a well "

You seldom hear of such a wrathful Nazarene Holy Man. Those, who are confessing to the Christian Faith, should not wave with the Old testament at their convenience. And if so, read the whole chapter, and be scared witless....

And if you ever have satisfied yourself, remember you are just as bad. Any one left to survive?

Just a thought in 2012 when homosexuality still appears to be a major issue. Promiscuity is a choice but can be regarded as a socioemotional problem, no matter what sexual orientation. Love between two people of the same gender is not, per se. Or as the Swedish Pastor Primarius, the late Ludvig Jönsson, wrote in his anthology of Sermons: " Where genuine love manifests itself, something holy takes places" (The Manifesto of Love " (1985)". This he preached, when AIDS made us shun all homosexuals, still believing it was a homosexual plague solely, afraid to be contaminated by a handshake. Princess Diana, God bless her, was the first mega celebrity to hold the hand of a dying man. long before we all knew fully how the illness was transmitted. Mother Teresa disobeyed Papal dogma and became close to a patron saint. She ws not alone. People of stature in all nations and societies took a stand when none of us had the courage.

This is not primarily a discussion about homosexuality but sexuality in general and an effort to focus on the deliberate omissions we all give in to in order to live comfortably in sexual liberty and indepedence as long as we are heterosexuals.

Well, the Bible does not agree...

Just a thought