Cruise and Upbringing

Do adults have the freedom to do as they please when it comes to bringing up a child? In Sweden, no. In the Land of the Free, not entirely. Only, so it seems, if you are an influential citizen or with mega star status. The legal framework guiding parenthood can be tampered with if you have the money to consult the shrewdest lawyers.

The secretive Scientology Church, founded by the science fiction writer Hubbard, is provoking. Why the secrecy? How does the church recruit proselytes if the message, the organization, the normative mindset and set of rules must be kept a secret? Is salvation conditioned? Is eternity reserved for the chosen?

Kathy Holmes´ split up from Cruise in order to protect her daughter from becoming a Scientolog Child Cadet seems like good parenting skills to me, whereas Mr Cruise seemingly wish to keep his alleged high status in the Church intact by means of his children, adopted and biological.

The story of the Jackson children never enrolled. What took place? Well, we have no right to intrude in private lives but when it comes to protecting the wellfare, in all senses, of children. my country is ruthless versus severly dysfunctional parenting and so is also the case in all Scandinavian countries. Yes, the state intervenes, something which is an abhorrence for many US citizens, I have been told. I do not particulary care who when the purpose is to implement the Convention of the Child and  the domestic legal framework to safeguard the best interest of the child.

During my life I have seen patterns of upbrining that leave you flabbergasted. But to deny somebody to bear children would be a violation of basic human rights. There is no way around this obvious fundamental right, and shouldn´t be. Unless the parents consciously commit criminal offence as part of their upbringing methods nobody has a right to pry.

How about parental skills training at school? It must be even more important than chemistry and hardly something costly or complicated to intergate in the curriculum. Why do we not learn life´s most important things at school? Or do we? I am not so sure.

To dream of a Parent´s License on par with a Driver´s License may be tricky..The rules when driving are crystal clear while parenting is not.

I am not pointing a finger at Tom Cruise. I don´t know him. He may be a very affectionate and loving father for all that I know. I find it immensly sad, for everybody involved, that Cruise will have to choose between his church and his daughter. But he is a grown man and I find it utterly unfortunate that he may prioritize his church.

The phenomenon is old. Even Jesus of Nazareth said, and this is a Jesus I do not recognize nor understand. Did he really utter these words, or has Marcus been somewhat inventive?

"Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. (Marcus 13:12).

The dogma before family relations of love and affection? How are we to understand this? Aren´t we supposed to honor our parents? Wasn´t Jesus in rebellion of parts of the Torah? Fraticide, such as Cain slaying Abel, as a vision or a prophecy seems stern. I simply don´t understand...

Just a thought...

Douglas 2012